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The practical seat heating cushions from heatme.

Cuddly warm heating pad
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Mobile, cordless heating pad
for indoors and outdoors

heatme heating pads quickly provide pleasant warmth where it is needed. In Central Europe in particular, it is so cold on many days that you can no longer sit outside and relax without freezing. Even when the sun is shining. This is exactly why we have developed heatme cordless heating pads.

Our premium heating pads smart and classic for sitting on or our cozy home heating pads for the back are perfect companions for indoors and outdoors. Simply switch on and enjoy the warmth!

For professional use in the hospitality, church, stadium or leisure sectors, we also offer customized solutions for chairs, benches or lounge furniture.

Our innovative products offer the absolute heatme "feel-good feeling" in terms of functionality, quality & service and sustainability.

Simply comfortable

Design, warmth and sustainable energy management:
The innovative smart heating pad
from heatme

Heating pad with induction technology
for professional use

The innovative and high-quality heating pads provide warmth close to the body with minimal energy consumption, low heating costs and no complex installation work. This means more comfort and consequently more sales, even in the colder seasons and evenings.

Thanks to their easy handling and long battery life, the heating pads are perfect for equipping churches, stadiums, restaurants, hotels or cafés. Find out more about the easy handling of our smart cushion '

Advantages of the heatme SMART heating pad:

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Whether at home or on the move, hunting, riding or fishing, in church or at the stadium - heatme heating pads offer feel-good warmth wherever you are.

Equipped with a compact rechargeable battery, powerful power bank or innovative induction technology, the colorful heat pads can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Feel the comfort and warmth with heatme heating pads no matter where and when.
We are only satisfied when you are!

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