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More revenue through heated stadium seats

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Stadium visitors watch a soccer match even in freezing temperatures. Some people then wish for a warming seat heating system like in a car. The sit & heat seat heating system from Moonich GmbH offers stadium operators the opportunity to provide guests with exactly the warmth they want, close to their bodies.

The resulting increase in comfort justifies higher prices when reserving seats in the VIP and business areas. The heated stadium seats therefore also generate additional revenue.

With minimal energy requirements and low energy costs, the seat heating systems are also a climate-friendly and cost-effective heating solution. The heating solutions are already in use in 20 soccer stadiums in various European countries.

"Stadium operators have lost a lot of revenue due to the pandemic. We now need to make up for this. Additional revenue from heated seats can contribute to this," says Lars Keussen, Managing Director of Moonich GmbH.

Depending on the possible applications or local infrastructure, heating systems can be integrated into existing seats or completely new business seats can be equipped with the sit & heat heating solutions. There are two comfort levels to choose from: "Basic" has one heating level, while "Luxe" offers manual heat regulation in three levels.

Our trained service team will find the right solution for your needs.  

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