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Heated stadium seats

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This is how smart heating works in the stadium: heating elements from heatme provide warmth close to the body and therefore minimize energy consumption! Conventional outdoor gas solutions burn up to 20 times more heating energy in comparison.

Heated lounge and business seats offer real added value for the most affluent visitors to your stadium and thus ensure TOP utilization of the VIP area - at ticket prices in the upper price segment.

The muscles of players and athletes on the bench also cool down less with heated seats, effectively preventing injuries.

Simply comfortable


Heating solutions for players.

Heated benches
for optimum heating of the muscles.


Seat heating systems for spectators.

New seats or retrofitting of existing seats

VIP Lounge

Induction heating pad heatme smart.

Upscale version with more comfort
and extremely easy handling for VIP guests.

Save energy sustainably with heatme smart heat pads

Quality materials
Innovative technology
Without cable
Long service life

Save energy sustainably with heatme SMART heating pads

Our smart heating pad with induction technology is perfect for use in the professional sector.

Available now.

Easy handling:

Innovative technology:

Cost savings:

Saving energy sustainably

It couldn't be more efficient: heatme heating pads consume extremely little power and only heat the occupied seats.
In this way, they save valuable energy and operating costs - without compromising on comfort for fans and athletes.

We will be happy to advise you personally on the optimum use of heating pads in your stadium.

Individual seat heating solutions

Form follows function: heatme's innovative heating technology can be integrated into almost all stadium seat models or used in the form of individual heated seat cushions in the VIP area. Heated backrests are also possible.

If existing cabling can be used, we recommend operating heating solutions in the form of heatable seats via a fixed power connection. Otherwise, we offer you an absolutely uncomplicated and innovative alternative with our wireless smart rechargeable heating pads.

Heated individual seat cushions do not always have to be square: On request, we can also produce special solutions such as seat cushions with a back section or for entire rows of benches, exactly to your specifications.

Individual printing with your club crest or club logo is also possible.

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