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Customized battery heating pads - for commercial outfitters and many more

From cargo bikes to boat and yacht outfitters to commercial use - anyone who spends long periods outside even on cool days will appreciate pleasant warmth from below and/or on their back!

A warm heating pad makes riding a cargo bike much more comfortable for children, for example. You don't need a power connection for this: the rechargeable heating pads with their extra-long runtime make them absolutely mobile and flexible.

However, different applications often require dimensions and cuts that deviate from the standard format. This may be because the available space is limited or because entire benches and rows of seats need to be equipped with warming technology.

No matter what the requirements are for your heatme rechargeable heating pad, we will be happy to customize it for you! Shapes other than rectangular and square can also be realized.

Simply comfortable


Individual production of heating pads
according to customer requirements.


Heated benches for professional use.
Selection of fabric, size and heating technology.

Special solutions

Heating systems for existing interiors
or other applications.

Wireless heating kisses
for various custom-made products

Quality materials
Without cable
For indoor + outdoor
Battery power bank

Save energy sustainably with heatme heat pads

Our heating pads are perfect for a wide range of applications.

Mobile or wired:

Innovative technologies:


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