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SMART heating pad
with induction

heatme performance

Smart heating pad
with induction technology

The smart heating pad that thinks for itself, saves energy and provides cozy warmth for a long time. If the sensor registers that the person is standing up, the heating seat cushion switches off again automatically.

 Operating the smart heating pad is very simple: just select the desired heating level on the control tab and the heating pad is ready for use. There are three different levels to choose from, with a maximum temperature of 40ᵒ C.

Smart heating pads are charged wirelessly using induction technology. The intelligent energy management system automatically adjusts the heat output to the situation. In combination with the long-lasting, highly efficient lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) battery, heatme smart induction heating pads achieve impressively long runtimes on a single charge.

The easy handling makes smart heating pads ideal for use in churches, restaurants, hotels and cafés.

Simply comfortable

Induction heating pads for professionals:

Our heatme smart heating pad offers everything that professionals need for comfortable heating solutions in terms of functionality, quality & design and service.

Long heating time

Up to 12 hours of heating power,
battery at least 3,000 charging cycles


Body-warming heat,
Presence sensor,
Operating flap

Sustainable idea

Cover, battery and components can be replaced individually

Cost savings

Low energy costs, automatic sensor system

Easy handling

Inductive charging
in the smart tower
for up to 36 cushions


Smart heat for church visitors

Minimal energy consumption,
gentle on building fabric and interior

Gastronomy & hotel industry

Sitting outside on cool days

More sales in the outdoor area -
extend the outdoor season!


Clever sports facility solutions

Warm seat cushions for fans
in VIP areas

Save energy sustainably with heatme SMART heating pads

Our smart heating pad with induction technology is perfect for applications in restaurants, churches and stadiums.

Available now.

Easy handling:

Innovative technology:

Cost savings:

Clever accessories for smart cushions

The accessories are just as well thought out as the smart heating pad itself: depending on how many heating pads you want to use and charge at the same time, you can choose from induction charging towers in different sizes. The charging towers are equipped with high-quality induction technology to make it easy to collect the heating pads, charge them and then return them to their place.

You can also easily replace the cushion covers or individual components of the smart heating pad so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Smart heating pad design

heatme smart heat pads not only contain intelligent technology, they also look really good!

The cushion covers are available in 5 timeless, modern colors and are made of a soft, durable and easy-care fabric. The material is washable and color-fast even when exposed to sunlight.

A waterproof inner cover protects the innovative technology in every smart heating pad.

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