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Everything you need to know about the cordless heatme rechargeable heating pads

With the heatme classic heating pad the heating time is at least 2.5 h.
This can be extended using the presence sensor (automatic switch-on and switch-off).

Using the original heatme power bank, the home back heating pad can provide heat for up to approx. 8 hours.

The heatme smart cushion has a 3-stage heating system, which is controlled via the control flap. At the highest level, the heating time is at least 4.5 hours; in eco mode, the cushion can be used for at least 12 hours.

Our range is constantly being expanded.
Exact sizes and technical details can be found on the respective pages.
Heating pads for professionals - heatme smart heating pads
Heat cushions for the home - heatme classic seat cushions and home back cushions.

With a size of 40 x 40 x 4.5 cm, the heatme classic rechargeable heating pads meet the requirements of "normal" chair seat dimensions.

The red carrying handle (20 cm long) and integrated safety eyelet make it possible to secure the cushion to the chair so that it cannot be taken away. This aspect is likely to be particularly important for the catering industry.

Generally yes, as long as your washing machine has a hand wash program. However, the fabrics are quite insensitive and rarely need to be washed. Cleaning with a small sponge and a drop of washing-up liquid is often sufficient.

Heating pad home & classic:
The battery or power bank is removable and is simply charged using the charger supplied. The battery can also remain in the cushion.

Heating pad smart:
Charging via induction technology is only possible with the heatme smart charging tower.

The heatme rechargeable heating pad can be returned to us within 14 days.

The only exception is cushions that have been personalized with a logo or name. Unfortunately, we cannot take these back as they are custom-made especially for you.

No, the battery can remain in the cushion when you connect the heating pad to the charger.

However, we recommend that you use two rechargeable batteries. This way, you always have a fully charged battery "in reserve" when the other one is running low.

Of course!

With a second battery you are completely independent of the charge level of the battery that is currently in your heating pad. In other words, you always have a full battery "in reserve" if the other one should suddenly run out.

A big advantage of heatme heating pads is that they can be printed from just one piece. For example, with the name, motif, logo or a funny quote.

Please use our contact form and enter the desired text, print color, size and placement next to the model name - you will then receive an individual offer.

No permanent magnets are used in our system, so there is no risk of interference from strong magnetic fields.

The magnetic field for charging the battery is only built up when the pad and charging station have reached an agreement. At a distance of approx. 10 cm, practically no field strengths above the normal field strengths of our typical environment can be measured.

Pacemakers and other implants, on the other hand, must be tested and approved for much higher field strengths (more than 1000 times stronger fields).

Simply send us a short message by e-mail to and you will immediately receive the instructions by pdf from us.

It's even easier if you write to us using the contact form on this page or use the PDFs in the download section.

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